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Weekend Wrap-Up

April 16, 2012

Wow, what a weekend!

It was more like August than April this weekend, as 80-degree weather swept in and blanketed Washington in a pleasant summer haze. No jackets, no scarves, no pants — sandals, sundresses and sunglasses were all you needed. A 24-hour stomach bug ruined Saturday’s plans but I still enjoyed some great eats and soaked up some sun.

Zengo is one of my favorite dinner spots in the city and when they invited me to try their new Hanoi-meets-Havana menu, there was no way to say no. Last time I went to Zengo, the heavily East Asian-Central American-influenced menu was incredible — one of those meals where every bite is followed by, “Oh my God.”

This time, the Cuban-leaning food was underwhelming — too starchy, too bland, too repetitive — but the drinks won the day: strong, fresh and flavorful. (Lemongrass-lychee mojito, cereza daiquiri, boba cafecito.)

A few miles north in Tenleytown, I enjoyed an awesome lunch at Tenleytown’s Masala Art, which I’d wanted to try ever since a coworker proclaimed it DC’s best Indian restaurant, second only to Rasika (which just opened a second location two blocks from my house — deliciously dangerous!).

I strayed from my usual vegetable curries and ordered something new-to-me: Adrak Mattar ke Kabab (green peas and ginger kabab), made on the tawa (“A thicker version of the household griddle, it is used to cook food very fast, the outer rim is used to keep the food warm and needs to be constantly stirred to avoid burning. It is also used for preparation of unleavened Indian breads and for dry roasting.”). Unexpectedly awesome and probably really easy to recreate at home.

The first summery weekend of the year wouldn’t be complete without a summer grill out and my dad invited me up to Kensington for dinner. On the menu: kebabs (salmon for me, chicken for the family).

It’s going to be 90 degrees today… in April. Time to start making the rounds of restaurants with outdoor seating again.

What’s your favorite DC patio?

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  1. April 17, 2012 6:26 am

    Those kebabs look amazing. I’ve never made them well. Will have to try again this year.

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