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Weekend Wrap-Up

February 27, 2012

Sunny with signs of spring, blustery with a few flurries — this weekend couldn’t make up its mind. A little out-and-about adventuring, a lot of good food, many hours spent with friends and family.

Like wandering around nearly-deserted Glen Echo Park, one-time amusement park, modern-day artists’ hub.

We used to come here all the time when I was a kid — the highlight was a Pepperidge Farm outlet shop across the street — and it still brings back fond memories. And the 6-year-old living within me, apparently.

Not far away is the always awesome Praline Bakery & Bistro, a hidden gem. From the outside, it looks like your typical strip-mall bakery; inside, it’s France. The restaurant is run by two former White House pastry chefs, so you know this cafe au lait and macarons (coffee and raspberry) were incredible. (More tomorrow.)

In my Lenten quest to eat healthfully and mindfully, fruit tops the list…

especially on top of homemade pancakes. Lazy Sunday morning breakfast.

Lazy Sunday morning reading. (Oh, Mindy Kaling, your book made me LOL.)

Lazy Adventurous Sunday trek across the river to Arlington. It always feels so far, yet takes less than 15 minutes by car.

Hello, Cava.

Chickpeas 3 ways (Fritter / puree / vinaigrette), roasted eggplant, assorted dips, plenty of pita.

The highlight: mini gyros pita, stuffed with fries, tzatziki, tomatoes and sweet onions.

Eat this.

After a weekend of stuffing myself and ‘exercising’ by running my mouth, it only made sense to continue the trend during an Academy Awards viewing party at a friend’s house, drinking champagne while critiquing red carpet fashion. Nothing like watching skeletal celebrities (oh, Angelina, your arms!) sashay down the red carpet while you’re eating homemade German potatoes au gratin and pretzel bread.

Hello, Simone.

Hello, red carpet (and carbs).

Oscars 2012: best and worst? I love Meryl Streep — she can do no wrong — so don’t even think about knocking her dress. Meryl should star in every movie. Worst dressed? Oh, Jennifer Lopez. Why were you invited, exactly? (Just to do that awkward bit with Cameron Diaz, who also hasn’t been relevant in a decade?)

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