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Great Coffee Shop Hunt: Blind Dog Cafe

February 21, 2012

Darnell’s Bar is one of those great neighborhood gems you hear about sometimes in DC, the kind of place that regular guests refer to as their ‘Cheers.’ The most frequent way it’s described: like being in someone’s living room.

I’ve yet to make it to Darnell’s after-hours but when a pop-up coffeehouse opened in this Howard University hang-out last week (the space reverts back to a bar at 4 pm), I knew I had to stop by soon.

Welcome to the Blind Dog Cafe.

From the minute I walked inside, I was in love. Long, wooden tables are great for working or socializing; colorful throw pillows are strewn haphazardly everywhere; clever configurations of chairs make it a perfect hangout for both groups and individuals. (photos here) The music is an eclectic mix of everything from R&B and hip-hop to your typical coffeehouse singer-songwriters.

Plus: the menu is simple but awesome. All of the salads and sandwiches left me wishing I’d come for lunch, while I was enticed by a range of baked goods from local Black Strap Baking. The chocolate chip biscotti = incredible.

I rarely get flavored drinks but after hearing that the flavored syrups were made in-house, I had to try a vanilla latte. Super-sweet and the perfect winter afternoon pick-me-up.

Spending a few hours at Blind Dog Cafe made me wish I lived in a neighborhood with more of a community vibe. Sure, it’s a new spot, but you could sense the camaraderie as as friends of the baristas and other regular customers streamed in, you could sense the camaraderie.

Who knows, we might just have to make the trip over to Florida Avenue more often now that this coffee shop is there. My entire group agreed: we loved it.

 *some photos via Simone

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  1. February 21, 2012 9:15 pm

    That coffee shop sounds wonderful. I love the corner door. Are you on instagram? If so email me your user name so I can follow you.

  2. February 22, 2012 5:30 pm

    Enjoyed your post. We get to DC annually so may have to look for this place. I just posted about making cafe au lait. You could do that and invite your friends over. Then you really would be in your living room!

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