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The Summit: San Francisco Coffee Heaven

January 9, 2012

Thanks to Simone for this guest post while I’m vacationing at Big Bend National Park.

Like any good San Franciscan, I love my coffee. Fortunately for me (and my fellow caffeine addicts), San Francisco is FULL of coffee shops. Good coffee shops. Blue Bottle, Four Barrel, Ritual, Sightglass, Tartine, Philz… not to mention the hundreds of others I have yet to discover!

Lucky for this lactard, soy is pretty much a way of life in SF, while some locations even offer almond alternatives for the soy averse. Whatever your preference — dairy or non, drip or press, black or creamy — SF’s got it.

When I heard a new coffee shop had opened on Valencia St. (my fav hipster-watching neighborhood), I threw on my best pair of skinny jeans, loaded up my indie playlist and set out in search of soy lattes.

Enter The Summit. A cavernous, open space set against the musical stylings of Mariah Carey and The Shins. Like most of the other Mission hangouts, the communal couches and tables are lined with twenty-something Mac-users, all plugged into their iPods and buzzed off their Blue Bottle blends.

After perusing a few of the reviews on Yelp, I opted for the soy matcha latte. While I wouldn’t say it’s my new go-to order (or worth the $4!), it was… an experience?  I’ve never been a big matcha fan to begin with so maybe I’ve got to shoulder some of the blame for this one. Book and latte in hand, I snagged a spot on the couch and happily passed the hours reading, sipping, and chatting.

The verdict: definitely worth a return trip.  Though maybe best to stick with the regular coffee drinks…

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  1. Life's a Bowl permalink
    January 9, 2012 9:21 am

    Such a cool looking coffee shop!

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