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Brunch: The Heights

November 15, 2011

I think my friends and I are starting a new birthday tradition — brunch. It’s already the greatest meal of the week, but brunch is made even better when it’s celebratory and the location is specifically chosen for a birthday treat.

While the rest of our group speculates and daydreams about their special day, we celebrated Simone’s birthday this weekend at The Heights in Columbia Heights.

Just walking inside, I fell in love with the cute and seasonal decor, which helped the restaurant stand out from its more generic neighbors.

Also impressive: the menu. It was really hard to decide between sweet or savory, seasonal pancakes or standard omelets, and whether or not to indulge in a plate of potato pancakes.

Thankfully my friends don’t mind sharing tastes so we ordered a few different brunch options. First, though: drinks! I was planning on a basic mimosa but as soon as our friendly waiter mentioned the seasonal pumpkin-infused vodka, I had to try it. It’s brunch and was past noon so… no judgement! This drink was incredible, with hints of vanilla and cinnamon and a graham cracker rim to top it off. It’s something I would usually never order but was so glad I did.

Cheers! Here’s to birthdays and friends!

Each plate of food that came out looked better than the last. Can you guess which one was mine?

Breakfast burrito (Eggs, Bacon, Cheddar, Cilantro, Roasted Red Peppers, Shallots)

Goat Cheese & Sun-Dried Tomato Omelet

Huevos Motuleños w. Eggs, Chicken, Plantains, Avocado, Black Beans & Salsa

If you guessed the goat cheese and sun-dried tomato omelette, you’re right! It was delicious and I was happy to be able to swap home fries for a huge bowl of fresh fruit.

The best dish, however, was the Huevos Motuleños. I’d go back and get it sans chicken next time because every bite was incredible. So many fresh flavors and great spices.

I also loved the potato pancakes, which a friend generously shared. It got us talking about Hanukkah celebrations next month and the potential of sweet potato pancakes, yum!

Of course, you have to have cake on a birthday and the staff at The Heights were so accommodating on this, storing the homemade cake in their fridge and bringing it out with candles at the appropriate time. I think Simone was happily surprised.

The five of us girls at brunch have been friends for 7 years — since freshmen year of college. It’s nice that we all live so close to each other and are able to celebrate birthdays together, especially when they involve somewhere as delicious as The Heights.

So grab a special someone or someones and go. You won’t be disappointed.

**Janice won my popchips giveaway last week — she’s  been emailed and her month supply of chips is in the mail. Congrats, Janice!**

4 Comments leave one →
  1. November 15, 2011 9:47 am

    I keep forgetting about this place. Hubby and I need to make a trip up to Columbia Heights. Love the idea of sweet potato pancakes too. Oh, the possibilities!!

    • November 15, 2011 9:17 pm

      It’s great for brunch and I bet it’s a fun happy hour/dinner place, too, since the drinks menu is incredible.

  2. November 15, 2011 1:54 pm

    That menu looks fantastic! I think I would have gone with the same omlet.

  3. November 15, 2011 8:17 pm

    Love this post, Erin. As always. 🙂

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