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Eating Well, Eating Locally at Local 16

October 24, 2011

It’s only appropriate on National Food Day to blog about a recent local, real meal at Local 16. I wanted to try this U Street establishment for a few years and when The Capitol Deal (the Washington Post‘s daily deals site) offered a voucher for a discounted prix fixe menu, my friends and I snapped it up.

Local 16 is all about the full-circle dining experience, partnering with Virginia’s Whipple Farm to not just provide produce, but even the firewood cooking the wood-fired pizza; the ashes from that fireplace are then transported back to the farm to use as fertilizer. Full circle. It’s also a really popular, trendy restaurant, which means that this message is reaching a lot of Washingtonians.

Like any good post-work dinner, this one started with a flavorful drink, a red sangria turned more interesting with the addition of acai berry. Perfect for relaxing and gossiping the night away with good friends.

The 3-course menu started with an arugula, fennel and orange salad…

before bringing out the main event: thick, chewy pasta topped with heirloom tomatoes and shrimp. Loved the pasta + sauce but the shrimp did not taste fresh. Should have stuck to veggies!

No time to be dismayed, though, because dessert was a real winner: rice pudding, warming you up from the inside. Hearty and thick with strong overtones of cardamom, I could only eat about half before admitting defeat. Delicious but my eyes were bigger than my stomach in this (rare) case.

More and more restaurants are opening up in the area with the stated mission of providing fresh, seasonal, locally- and humanely-sourced products. Just like Michael Pollan always says, we vote with our forks. If we support restaurants that offer ‘better’ options, they will not only stay in business but it will show there is a demand for this way of eating.

Events are going on around the country today for Food Dayare you participating in anything special today? I have a bag of farmers market produce that is begging to be used tonight so something local will come out of my kitchen, for sure.

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  1. October 24, 2011 8:01 am

    Shrimp that doesn’t taste fresh can definitely ruin a dish. The restaurant looks cute though.

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