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Tea for Three: Aylesbury Tea Room

October 10, 2011

I’ve talked about Aylesbury Tea Room often since going there nearly two years ago for my birthday and over the years, my friends have asked when we can take a trip. When the lovely owner emailed last week to ask if they could feature my blog on their site — check out their home page! — it coincidentally coincided with an already-planned trip to Leesburg, Va. that had been on the calendar for over a month.

Perfect timing to head back for a cuppa tea and scones!

The tea room was just as adorable as I remembered, ruffled curtains, quaint art, bright flowers, hand-stitched tea cozies and all.

You can choose between a traditional cream tea — tea and a scone with double cream and jam — or a full afternoon tea. Trust me, go for the afternoon tea.

Not only do you get tea and scones, natch, but also an assortment of tea sandwiches, biscuits and sweets. So go all-out and try everything — it’s all good.

Be sure to opt for Yorkshire Tea, too. They offer a few varieties of tea but if you’re going for authenticity, you’ve got to go for Yorkshire. Again, trust me. I’ve done a lot of tea drinking in my day. During a brief four months of living in London, I must have gone to tea at The Orangery five or six times.

Brits love their rules about how to make a perfect cuppa, but my standard is a splash of milk (first), then tea plus a tiny bit of sugar. Real sugar, no chemicals.

Same with the scone and clotted or double cream. Tea time is not the time for counting calories. It’s an occasional splurge so really slather it on. Mmm…

You can work off all those calories but doing some serious shopping when tea is over. The tea room doubles as an antiques and secondhand shop, and is crammed with everything from gorgeous furniture to linens, Christmas decorations, fine china and the stuff of Anglophiles’ dreams.

We had a delicious and delightful time — I’m glad my friends were finally able to visit the place I’ve been raving about for nearly two years. A sign advertised Aylesbury Tea Room as the perfect place for bridal showers, baby showers, book clubs, church groups — so who wants to come next time?!

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