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Bistro Lazeez Birthday Dinner

August 3, 2011

My sister is really easy to please on a lot of fronts. She tends not to have strong opinions and answers most questions with an ‘I don’t care.’

Where do you want to go for dinner on your birthday, Kate?

I don’t care.

Since I had an about-to-expire Groupon for Bethesda’s Bistro Lazeez — and my sister loves Mediterranean food, so it wasn’t exactly coercion — we went there last night for her birthday dinner.

The menu immediately impressed me, with its commitment to hormone- and antibiotic-free chicken and all-natural, free-range lamb.

Before eating, we toasted the birthday girl — her with Stella Artois, Mom with iced tea and me with organic Pinot Grigio.

I guess my ‘baby’ sister isn’t really a baby anymore at 22 years old.

Kate and I are really a case of nature vs. nurture. We don’t look anything alike and couldn’t be more different in our personalities, yet somehow have the same two parents. Strange!

Back to food… the 10-table restaurant was busy with only one server — the other apparently called in sick — meaning that everything took a long time and service was slowwwww. Finally our tabbouli appetizer came out.

Followed shortly by the entrees. I stepped out on a huge dining limb here and ordered lamb kabobs, which, it turns out, are not beautiful to photograph (especially not with Instagram).

I’ve been eating meat about once a month since Memorial Day, a little more often in Nicaragua where I would have felt bad turning down food, and am still trying to find the right combinations that work for me. I think I overall feel better after eating a small amount of red meat — eating a homemade burger on Memorial Day was like a shot in the arm! — but too much definitely leaves me a little queasy. My issue with eating meat was never ethics — it was the health implications of inhumanely-killed animals full of hormones and antibiotics — so buying local meat from the farmer’s market once a month may be the way to go.

That said, I’m happy to have one toe back on the meat bandwagon… and promptly cleaned my plate.

Everyone enjoyed their meals — falafel salad and chicken kabobs for the rest of the table — but we couldn’t get over how glacially slow the service was. The staff should have at least said something as we sat down so we were mentally prepared for it.

Still, Kate seemed to enjoy her birthday — even though there was no cake, sadly — and the food was good. I don’t think I’ll go back out to Bethesda just to eat there, but it’s one I might recommend to friends and family in the neighborhood who are looking for a new place to try.

Happy birthday, sis!

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  1. August 3, 2011 9:46 am

    Aww you and your sister are so beautiful!

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