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Thankful Thursday

May 26, 2011

What a whirlwind week — between coming down from a Fitbloggin’ high Monday to realizing my move-in date is next week (finally!), this week has been a complete blur. Then again, I think I say that every week. Maybe I need to stop and smell the roses as long as I’m stopping to be thankful every week.

This was a great week and it all goes back to the amazing time I had at Fitbloggin’. It was my first blogging conference and I had no idea what to expect but now I understand why everyone raves about these conferences year after year. I had fun but also learned a lot and am thankful to attended. Next up: the Healthy Living Summit in August!

A big thank you and hello to all of my new blog readers and Twitter followers. Say ‘hi’ and leave a link to your blogs — I’d love to add some new ones to my Google Reader.

Also this week, I found the best French onion soup in Washington, DC. It may not be that crucial right now but come winter, when I conveniently live four blocks away, I’ll be very thankful for that soup.

And hey, can’t let Memorial Day weekend go without giving it some Thankful Thursday love!

What else am I thankful for this week?

– A casual work environment — I’m talking casual, not business casual — so I can wear the sundresses, cardigans and sandals I wear every day. As Sana noted, all of my dresses are basically the same, just different colors. I like what I like! 😉

– Not having to rely on any transportation besides my own two feet after next week. From a 2-hour daily commute (one way!) to a 1-hour one-way commute to a 15-minute walk. Life is good.

– Ice cream season.

– Amazing yard sale finds. If you’re moving and need furniture — especially wood pieces — yard and estate sales are your friend! Find of the week: a perfect set of 8 drinking glasses for .50 each.

– Warm, sunny evenings. Love that after-work walk.

– Fondue. I would have taken photos of last night’s chocolate-y spread — strawberries, bananas, apples, pretzels and Graham crackers — but I was face-first in a vat of chocolate and couldn’t form coherent thoughts, much less reach for my camera.

Am I wearing a dress? <– made me literally LOL at my desk yesterday. Enjoy.

What are you thankful for this week?

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