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Thankful Thursday

March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Erin Go Bragh!

Are you doing anything special for St. Patty’s Day today? I’ve had shepherd’s pie twice this week — once with Morningstar crumbles, one with fish — so that’s out, but I have an Irish menu planned for tonight that includes colcannon, one of my favorite Irish dishes. Mashed potatoes and greens? Yum!

I’m thankful for a day of delicious eats. From a savory change of pace for breakfast — eggs and spinach on toast instead of oatmeal — to leftover vegetarian shepherd’s pie for lunch to my homemade Irish dinner tonight, I’m looking forward to chowing down.

And I’m rocking green, of course. My Banana Republic wrap dress from my favorite secondhand store looks exactly like this Diane Von Furstenberg dress but with short sleeves and a $15 price tag.

During this week after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, I’m most thankful to have a roof over my head, more than enough food to eat and a lovely shade of light blue representing my state’s earthquake risk.

There’s nothing more that needs to be said.

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. March 17, 2011 9:50 am

    I’m thankful for my parents, who are coming to visit today!

  2. March 17, 2011 9:58 am

    I lived in San Diego my whole life up until 2 years ago and earthquake was always on my mind! I’ve been through so many, nothing really major other than shaky windows. That was the worst because it was so loud! Blah I forgot to wear green today!

  3. March 17, 2011 2:27 pm

    Love that dress! It’s weird to move from California where I’ve experienced earthquakes for 25 years of my life, to Arizona where there literally aren’t any.

  4. March 17, 2011 8:52 pm

    That dress is awesome. I have so much green clothing it was hard for me to decide what to wear today- perhaps I should not have bought like 6 Ireland shirts when I went there 🙂 oops.

    On my first day of college my roommate (now one of my best friends) was very concerned about the fact that we had shelves on top of our desks that were not attached. I could not figure out what her deal was until she said, “what about the earthquakes?” I was like um… yeah, we don’t really get those here haha. Seattle girl 🙂 Looks like we still have more of a chance than you guys so I guess it could be better!

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