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Sunday Brunch at Firefly

January 30, 2011

Isn’t brunch the quintessential weekend activity? Read the paper, drink coffee, then head out to brunch. I used to watch ‘Sex and the City’ and think it was so cool that Carrie and the girls met at hip cafes and bistros for brunch on weekends and now, it’s an essential part of my Sunday routine.

The other day, I was trying to think of the last time I was home around noon on a weekend and honestly couldn’t remember! I almost always go to brunch on Sundays after church but where the heck have I been every Saturday at lunchtime?

Time slips away…

I know exactly where I was at lunchtime today because I met up with Sarah for brunch at Firefly.

We debated among a few of the typical Dupont Circle brunch spots but both wanted to try somewhere new so… Firefly it was!

Sarah eats a gluten-free diet and it was nice that the restaurant had a special menu highlighting gluten-free brunch options. Definitely makes eating out easier, I’m sure.

Eggs are my brunch go-to but I skipped boring omelettes in favor of Eggs Florentine, poached eggs and creamed spinach on an English muffin. No Hollandaise sauce, please.

The eggs were perfectly poached — nice and firm on the outside but deliciously runny in the middle.

Sarah and I had a blast chatting and making plans for the future. Meeting up with fellow bloggers has never been a disappointment. We all seem to have a lot in common, which is definitely the best way to make new friends. 🙂 Can’t wait until the next meet-up!

The check came in a cute nod to the restaurant’s name: a Ball jar with little holes on top for catching fireflies. Such a sweet touch!

Rather than rush home after saying goodbye, I got in the car to take the long, scenic way back. Driving along the Potomac River is always beautiful and the snow just makes it even more picturesque.

Can you spot the Washington Monument in the distance?

Being booked with plans on a Sunday is great but it’s also nice to have a relaxing afternoon. I came back to my apartment after brunch — yes, we finally have electricity, heat and Internet! — and just wanted to get organized. Not sure how much organization was accomplished but at least all of the stinky, spoiled food is gone and my bedroom is in some semblance of order.

It feels good to start a new week off with less chaos and disorder. 🙂

What TV show is your guilty pleasure? I have to confess that while staying at my mom’s this weekend, I watched way too much ‘Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes’ and just tuned into yet another episode while at the gym earlier.

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  1. January 30, 2011 7:52 pm

    I love living in the DC area.

    And now I have a new restaurant to try! I walked by it all the time when I used to work at 24th and N, but I never went in.

  2. EmGusk permalink
    January 31, 2011 8:35 am

    HAH! I went to Firefly last Sunday and had the Eggs Florentine too. What are the chances?

    Also, was all about to let you know I was down for brunch this Sunday, and then remembered that my friend, Carroll, e-mailed me to say she’s coming in from out of town and recommended brunch. On Sunday. At Birch & Barley. So while I’ll be there this Sunday, it won’t be with you so we’ll have to go another time. Or just keep mirroring our brunch schedules.


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