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Twinkly Lights

January 12, 2011

Thanks for all your great advice on this morning’s post. Everyone was unanimous that I should move ASAP so we’ll see what happens with this latest extermination and whether or not it works. I spent most of the day stressed by the mess I knew was waiting at home and the idea of apartment hunting.

Luckily a snowy drive into work brightened the morning. We just got a dusting here in DC but it made everything look clean and white. Don’t worry, the car was stopped while I photographed. No photographing and driving!

Things were just as bleak as expected at home. I promise this won’t become the bedbugs blog — last post on the subject — but the exterminators basically ripped apartment the apartment while putting down chemicals.

Couches, beds, drawers — all askew.

A thin layer of white poison also covers the baseboards and electrical sockets. Good thing no kids or pets live here!

Seeing the mess put me in a pretty bad mood but rather than sulk around, I decided to go for a long walk and get some fresh air. It was cold but oh-so pretty.

Apartment hunting is a chore and my list of needs and wants keeps growing. Despite being far from work, Bethesda is still my top neighborhood pick as it has everything I want plus is absolutely adorable. Too bad it’s a little $$$ for my budget! (I’d love to live in this cute downtown part, not the edge of downtown like now.)

Whining isn’t attractive, is it? I promise, back to food and fun tomorrow! I have a delicious breakfast in mind already that will be in my dreams tonight… 😀

Time to heat a cup of tea and watch President Obama speak from Tucson. This terrible tragedy has been on my mind all week and I’m looking forward to Obama’s remarks.

How much snow do you have right now?


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