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Hello From Treasure Island

January 7, 2011

We made it!

Yes, the weather in DC may be frightful but Treasure Island, Florida, so delightful. Blue skies, soft sand, swaying palm trees — yep, this is pretty much paradise. 😀

I played with Nik on the plane ride from DC to Tampa. Still learning a lot about the manual settings but very happy so far. Usually I run my photos through a little retouching on iPhoto but most of my pictures today needed no alteration or color boost. Nice!

After arriving in Tampa and picking up the rental car, we drove 30 minutes to Treasure Island.

Everyone (me, Kate, Dad) was starving and ready to eat. There are surprisingly few beachfront restaurants in this area but we found Sloppy Joe’s and were pleasantly surprised by a big outdoor seating area directly on the water.

I was ready for some fresh fish so when everyone else at the table ordered grilled shrimp tacos, it was a no-brainer. Mine came with Cuban rice and beans–yum! The tacos were prepared with coleslaw inside rather than typical Mexican condiments, which added a really fresh taste.

Once lunch was over, we were all ready for a long walk on the beach.

Can I repeat again how perfect the weather is? High 60s and sunny, with a slight breeze. Warm enough to wear shorts, cool enough to be glad you grabbed a sweater.

Main observation from Treasure Island so far: everyone is old. I’m not talking Mom and Dad old. I’m talking elderly. Not that there’s anything wrong with the elderly, it’s just funny to be surrounded by senior citizens at every bar, restaurant and public place.

While looking for a spot to watch sunset and grab happy hour drinks, we stopped two 60-something women to ask directions. They immediately pointed us to Woody’s, exclaiming over the huge and cheap Yuengling and delicious mango margaritas. With an endorsement like that, how can you go wrong?! 😀

If you’re going to drink a margarita, you might as well eat a couple of onion rings, too.

What a pretty sunset! Going, going, gone.

Sunset also brought chillier weather and we were happy to head indoors for dinner at Crabby Bill’s, another recommendation.

We all split an order of fried gator. When in Florida… 😉

I ordered the soup of the day, corn and crab chowder, with a salad. Neither was anything special — hardly any crab in the chowder! — but I was so stuffed from a late lunch that it didn’t matter. Check out the difference between these two photos, one taken on the ‘food’ setting and the other on automatic.

It’s early but the whole family is pretty tired from traveling and early flights. After blogging, I’m looking forward to doing absolutely nothing. Not sure what the agenda is for tomorrow but we’ve heard that Bad Ass Coffee is the place to go for coffee in the morning so that’s worth getting up for! 😀

Have a fabulous night and see you tomorrow.

Sorry the photos didn’t work on this morning’s guest post. I’m trying to fix them and will re-update that post when it’s fixed.

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  1. January 8, 2011 7:46 pm

    Looks like you guys are having an amazing time! All the food and drink pics are making me hungry! Enjoy the rest of the trip!


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