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How I Live Guilt-Free: Noon

December 15, 2010

I’m rocking out to Christmas music today at work and it’s totally put me in the holiday spirit. Only problem: I’m tempted to start singing along and that might be a little awkward coming from my cubicle…

Once I’ve started the morning out on the right foot with a good breakfast, I’m usually content until about noon, when my stomach starts growling and asking for food.

Oddly, even after planning to write this post today, I somehow left the house without my prepacked lunch and snack! That’s never happened when I’ve already had food packed. So even though one of my top tips is packing a lunch — you save money and are guaranteed a delicious, healthy option — I had to head to the cafeteria today to pick up food.

Since I eat at my desk and spend the entire day staring at a computer screen, I visit the farthest away cafeteria for my lunch and water excursions.

It’s nice to get a little walk in and stretch my legs before settling in for the second half of the day.

What’s on the lunch menu today? A good mix of carbs + protein + fiber.

I’m lucky that our cafeteria has tons of good options, from pizza and pasta to made-to-order sandwiches and hot meals. I was craving soup but the vegetarian options were lame (I don’t like cream-based soups) so I stuck with a classic lunch similar to what I’d make at home: hummus and pita with a chickpea-covered salad.


Personally, I enjoy a mix of flavors and textures in lunch. Just eating a piece of pizza would never satisfy me because I get bored while eating, so it’s nice to mix things up and have a few bites of salad, a few bites of pita, a few huge scoops of hummus…

Today is free snack day at work so I’m excited to see what the options are. I heard a rumor about bread pudding…!

What’s your typical lunch? Do you eat at your desk or go out?

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  1. December 15, 2010 9:07 pm

    Can I come work there? Cafeteria with hummus? Yes please.


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