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The secret garden

November 15, 2010

Whew, today was a day! I actually ended up doing research for part of the day about DIY projects and spending time on sites like Apartment Therapy, Young House Love and Rented Spaces.

I’m definitely not a DIY kind of girl. In my ideal world, everything comes together perfectly. Whether it’s clothes — I only buy something that fits perfectly as-is and never get items altered — or furniture, I want to put in the minimum effort yet have objects that are stylish, coordinated and functional.

Looking at all these sites, though, I was completely inspired. While some of the projects were totally beyond my abilities — anything that called for a table saw is a big NO — others were simple enough for even me. I already have one simple project in mind and am slowly realizing that putting in a little elbow grease might allow me to buy pieces for cheap that might not be quite perfect, but can become perfect. 🙂

One place that is already perfect are the gardens at Dumbarton Oaks.

During the spring and summer, these Georgetown gardens charge an admission fee but in the late fall and winter, it’s free.

Sunday was maybe the last really nice day of autumn, with temperatures hovering in the mid-60s and a cloudless blue sky. Dumbarton Oaks was full of amateur photogs and I was happy to walk around for an hour, camera in-hand.

While most of the colorful leaves have fallen in my neighborhood, there were still plenty of orange and gold trees hanging on in Georgetown. Whenever I walk around this neighborhood, I always fantasize about becoming a millionaire and actually being able to afford a home there.

Then, I wake up from my daydream and just enjoy being able to hang out in the area before heading home to my much-cheaper but still fabulous location. 😉

Isn’t this the prettiest time of year? I can’t believe that November is half over already!

If you’re ever in Georgetown and looking for some peace in the middle of the shopping madness, just duck into Dumbarton Oaks. It’s almost always quiet, rarely crowded and a truly lovely spot.

This was really an afternoon that wrapped up autumn and stuck a bow on it. An awesome way to say ‘Farewell’ to autumn but now I guess it’s time for winter… 😉

Are you a DIY-er?

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