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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas?

November 15, 2010

Where did Thanksgiving go?!

Wait, it hasn’t happened yet? You wouldn’t know it judging by all of the Christmas decorations that have been up since last weekend here in Bethesda.


This adorable stretch of downtown reminds me of a side street in Europe, with lots of outdoor cafe seating and year-round twinkling white lights. There’s even a Dolcezza to really make you feel like a European. 🙂

Back to Christmas… 😉

The stores have decked the halls with boughs of holly and bags of Santa-shaped chocolates.

Christmas music is playing on the speakers in Barnes & Noble, although the soundtrack switches wildly from Bing Crosby crooning ‘White Christmas’ to Miley Cyrus shouting ‘All I Want for Christmas.’

All I want for Christmas is for Miley Cyrus to stop singing.

In Anthropologie yesterday, Christmas ornaments and gifts were right inside the front door. Poor autumn has already been pushed to the bargain bin.

I love Christmas a lot but I love Thanksgiving, too. And I can’t help but feel a little like Linus when I wonder, are we forgetting what Christmas is all about?

Best Christmas movie ever! Who doesn’t love Charlie Brown? 😀

Back to work after a looooong weekend — okay, it was only 2 days but it felt like much longer — that included two birthday celebrations and one yummy batch of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

When is it okay to start decorating for Christmas? I say the day after Thanksgiving is the ideal time to start stringing up lights.

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  1. November 15, 2010 9:21 am

    Oh Erin, I am so with you on this one. I think there was Christmas stuff out in stores the day after Halloween this year!

    I agree, string the lights and deck the halls Thanksgiving weekend to work off those stuffing calories. However, my Christmas tree won’t go up until a week or two before Christmas.

  2. November 15, 2010 10:32 am

    It’s seriously crazy how fast time is flying. I feel like it was just Halloween, and now Thanksgiving is only a week and a half away. Ack! Stores and buildings are starting to put up holiday decorations around here, too. I don’t mind, but that could be because Hanukkah falls out quite early this year – seeing the decorations for all the holidays helps get me in the spirit!

  3. November 16, 2010 12:20 am

    I love Christmas so much – but seriously, it is too early for Christmas. Let’s have Thanksgiving first.

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