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Tempt me with tempeh

September 16, 2010

Tonight was one of those kind of nights.

Oh, don’t worry, I wasn’t driving while taking this photo. Nope, just sitting on the American Legion Bridge admiring the view. 😉

All of my original plans for the evening went out the window. I got home too late to meet people for a planned dinner and it was too gross outside to do anything active. All I wanted was comfort food and fast.

And like most Americans, when I think of comfort food, I think of fermented soybeans.

When I asked for seitan recipes the other day, I didn’t realize that I actually had tempeh in the fridge instead. It’s been there for at least a month but the ‘sell by’ date isn’t until the end of October! Guess soybeans have a long shelf life…

What is tempeh?

Because tempeh is less processed than tofu, it has more protein and fiber. Its taste and texture are slightly nutty and chewy, which I actually enjoyed more than the squishiness of tofu.

Although there were tons of yummy-sounding tempeh recipes online, I went for something really easy and basic: barbecue. I cut the tofu block in half to make thinner strips, then cut that into smaller pieces.

The chopped-up tempeh went onto a baking pan and was coated with some Trader Joe’s barbecue sauce — no HFCS here!

Cover the entire baking sheet with aluminum foil and bake at 350* for 30 minutes. While that was cooking away, I put together an easy Mexican side: half a yellow onion, 2/3 cup frozen corn, 1/2 tbsp cumin and a healthy dash of chili powder. Also in the mix was a frozen cilantro cube — have you tried these?

I get this Dorot frozen cilantro at TJ’s and it’s a fast and easy way to throw herbs into a meal when you don’t have anything fresh on-hand. We’ve also bought the frozen basil and garlic — it’s convenient to keep in the freezer and use liberally.

The corn & onions was meant to be enough for two meals but it was so good, I just attacked it with a spoon and ended up eating the entire pan for dinner! 😳 It was delish! 😀

Once the tempeh was done, I served it all up over a bed of spinach.

The verdict? My only complaint would be that the tempeh was a little dry — maybe it needed more sauce or to marinate longer? The flavor was much better (in my opinion) than tofu, though. The leftovers will be great on a sandwich tomorrow. I bought some Martin’s potato rolls recently because they remind me of being a kid, when my mom always used them instead of regular hamburger buns, and they are just as yummy as I remember. 🙂

Looks like it finally stopped raining. Maybe I’ll take a little walk in the dark just to stretch my legs after that disgusting commute.

Have you cooked tempeh before? How did you prepare it?

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  1. September 16, 2010 9:09 pm

    I have a bunch of those frozen cilantro cubes in my freezer because I always forget that I have them.

    • September 16, 2010 9:48 pm

      Me too! These have been in there for 3 months and I just opened the package tonight… but my mom uses them all the time.


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