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Losing track of time

August 29, 2010

I completely lost track of time yesterday.

I was up and out by 9:00 for a walk along the C&O Canal. It was the perfect day to be out there, with trees providing shade and a steady stream of fellow walkers, runners and bikers.

About halfway through the walk, my stomach started talking. ‘Erin, feed me!’ it said. ‘Shhh, stomach, you had breakfast.’

I got back to my car thinking it was around 11:30, perfect timing to pick up some lunch. Instead, I turned on my phone to see… 1:20. Where did the morning go?!

I ended up heading out to Kingsbury’s Orchard for the last peaches of the season (sad), first apples of the season (happy) and a jar of homemade apple butter (happy happy). It’s definitely possible to lose track of time looking at all the fun farm finds like interesting jams, unique apple varieties and happy cows grazing in the sun.

Just looked at the clock and realized I lost track of time this morning, too. I spent the past two hours with this:

and now I need to run to catch the Metro for church! Where does the morning go?!

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