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Holy Mackerel!

December 2, 2009

Since first visiting BlackSalt Restaurant and Fish Market for brunch in October, when I ate the most insanely good lobster quiche, we’ve been talking about returning for dinner. And so when I asked my mom where she wanted to go for her birthday dinner last night, there was no argument when she suggested BlackSalt.
Its charming neighborhood is one of our favorites for after-church brunch spots, filled with cute cafes, and for the past two years, Washingtonian has listed BlackSalt as one of the city’s best restaurants.
The dinner menu focuses heavily on oysters and starters — my favorite part of the entire meal was an incredible Pacific Butterfish. If I could have just had an entire plate of that, which was served on top of sweet peppers, my stomach would have been very happy.
I got the Spanish Mackerel for my entree and liked it, but loved the flavorful roasted fall vegetables served with it even more. Even better than my dish, Mom’s Maryland Rockfish was delicious — see, a reason to go for the local catch!
One thing I especially liked is the restaurant’s commitment to local, sustainable seafood. The front page of its website states:
BlackSalt Fish Market & Restaurant, Washington’s premier seafood restaurant, is wholly committed to the sustainability of fish and shellfish stocks worldwide. We constantly strive to source our products from companies and individuals who are like minded. Through conscientious consumption and education we can all work to protect the invaluable resources that are provided to us by the sea.
and provides links to learn more about sustainable aquaculture. Our server knew a lot about the menu and talked about the local catch, which was good to know.
All in all, it was a fun celebration and a fantastic meal. (And, of course, we left plenty of room for cake!)

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