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Monday in Myeongdong

July 20, 2009

It’s a strange thing to get used to, having weekdays off instead of Saturday or Sunday. I actually prefer this schedule. It’s a nice break in the week to have Monday off and then only work two more days before your next day off.

The downside is when the the schedule eventually returns to Mon-Fri and suddenly you’re working 11 or 12 days in a row without a break. It happens. 
A day off is a day off and even though there was nothing exciting on the agenda, I knew I wanted to get up and out early. Seoul hasn’t had much sun lately — the weather alternates between hazy and rainy — but it’s incredibly humid all day so I wanted to get going before the worst of the heat hit. 

Myeongdong is just a short subway ride from Suyu and a great one-stop shopping neighborhood. You can find anything in Myeongdong, from international stores (GAP, Zara, Forever 21, American Apparel) to cute Korean boutiques to a million-and-one tiny stalls selling the identical cheap dresses, jewelry and assorted tchotchkes. 
SO quiet! I love these three-story coffee shops — great for people-watching.
It’s one of those neighborhoods that can be relied on if you need to find a specific article of clothing and don’t want to spend hours at a big market like E-dae or Dongdaemun, or if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, as all of the major chain restaurants are represented here along with the smaller Korean places. 

This is also a great neighborhood for people-watching, although it was interesting to see the streets so empty. Quite a change from the usual frenetic weekend scene. Most of the stores didn’t open until 11 or noon which seemed late but, as I’ve learned from often arriving at stores and restaurants before opening time in Korea, it’s actual considered a normal opening time. 

I didn’t realize Dunkin’ Donuts was suddenly Japanese… I assume this ad shows how cheap DD is in Korean compared to super-pricey Japan.

After finishing my necessary errand — my iPod has been acting up for a while now, but more on that later this week — I treated myself to an iced tea from Dunkin’ Donuts since it was on the way to the subway and I was H-O-T. Wayyyyy too sweet. Ugh. But a much-needed sugar boost nonetheless. 
Working the next two days and then another “weekend” day! Caroline and I want to take a day trip out of Seoul — suggestions are welcome. 
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  1. Joyce permalink
    July 20, 2009 4:41 pm

    I ❤ Myeong Dong! And yes, it's weird to see the streets so empty.

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